Emily’s Starting Point

EmilyMy name is Emily Adair, and I am currently studying Journalism and Political Science at Lindenwood University.

If you were to Google search my name, the information you would glean about me would be limited. Let me show you.

Google Me

The first result is a bunch of photos of women who are not me. The second is the Facebook page of a woman who is also not me. There are several Emily Adairs out there. I am one of them.The third is my personal Facebook page.

Ideally my professional social media would rank higher in the results than my personal page, but I do not take issue with the information that is available to the public on my Facebook page.

Note, when I search “Emily Adair + Lindenwood,” the results are significantly more favorable. All the top searches boast professionalism. First up is LU’s informational page about our student newspaper, The Legacy. Then there are a few LinkedIn profiles, one of which is mine. Next in line is Lindenlink, the school’s news website, which I worked at while I took a summer class.

I hope the search results found here are a better indication of what I enjoy doing and what I hope to do with a large portion of the rest of my life.

Dream Career

So far I have been editing copy and designing pages for a newspaper, and I would be delighted to continue that for many years to come. I recognize that there’s no guarantee I will find this job, or that I will maintain that job description until the end of days.

Therefore, I am hoping to work in a few modern grammar courses and a business writing course before I graduate. In addition to becoming an authority on all things editing, I hope to ensure all this writing practice is put to good use.


Expert is such a heavy word… I am still a student and there is still a lot I don’t know. With that said, I do consider myself to have talent and a drive to find out what I need to know.

Writing has always been one of my strong suits, and literature one of my top interests.

I am capable of giving advice or instruction when it comes to approaching a story, using InDesign or applying certain design elements to a page.

I am also a self-proclaimed whiz when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, so if you ever find yourself bored out of your mind…

Writer’s Choice: PB&J-term

I’m pretty sure this course was designed for me. Scratch that; I’m 100 percent sure.

I mentioned earlier that I have a Facebook page, but in all honesty, I didn’t get acclimated to that until after I really need to adjust to online society.everyone else moved to Twitter.

I’m not particularly inclined to have a powerful web presence, which is regrettable for a journalist.

So here I am! A print worm in a class full of social media butterflies. Maybe by the end of these three weeks, I’ll know the purpose of a hashtag…

#HereWeGo    #DidIDoThatCorrectly?


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7 responses to “Emily’s Starting Point”

  1. Annette Schaefer says :

    Haha! your little hashtags made me smile =)

  2. kellyhenson says :

    I really love the way you write. You make it fun, unique, and interesting to read. However, my favorite part about your writing is the fact that it is conversational and it feels like you are talking directly to me.
    PS. I couldn’t find any pictures of myself when I google imaged myself either.

  3. kookoo4news says :

    A #MustRead blog!! 🙂

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