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I wish I devoured content like this guy does cookies, but I’m a picky consumer. cookieThe sites I find myself reading the most often are news sites like CNN and BBC. I also spend some time reading stories from my hometown. I typically don’t leave comments on many sites, but I do regularly share articles. Especially from The Onion. Since Facebook is a site I’ve grown accustomed to using, I usually share articles there, though only two of my friends actively click the links I post.

Outside of constantly checking the news and binge watching shows on Netflix when I have the time, I really don’t consume much online.

The only app on my phone that wasn’t there when I got the thing is a game called 7 Little Words. You are supposed to match groups of letters together to find solutions to the hints. Before I finished all the free puzzles, I was spending more than half an hour every day completing puzzle after puzzle. Now I am restricted to a daily puzzle, so I only use it about two minutes a day. I refuse to pay for the other game sets.

In fact, I have yet to find any content online I am willing to pay for. I’m sure that will change someday– probably when I have an income… or when I have no other choice for obtaining news.

Let there be content

The only content I’m genuinely interested in generating is in the form of news reports. (Surprise, surprise!) I want to report things that are going on around us. I technically create this kind of content already, you just have to visit a news rack* to see it.

While my passion is for the written word, audio and video clips can definitely enhance a story. I don’t have that kind of luxury at a newspaper, so I make do with photos and infographs. Whatever my medium, I am prepared and eager to use various elements to contribute to the content I produce.

Get your niche on

I believe the most efficient way to enhance my brand is to maintain a blog that showcases my interests in current events.

I intend to be respectful and respectable in everything I post, and if I ever get feedback, I will strive to respond to it in a positive manner. Any content I share via my brand will communicate my interests and traits.

If I am writing with my true voice, the attributes of my brand will be demonstrated. Hopefully people will recognize that I take my work very seriously because it is something I am passionate about.

However, since “news” is such a huge forest of interest, I have trouble pinpointing a niche. I don’t have one mighty oak tree that stands above the rest. I just have my forest.

I suppose if I had to pick something– which I know I will– it would be politics. My acorn would be local legislation. The only flaw with that plan is I haven’t yet taken any political science courses, and though I do my reading, I am not as confident in the realm of politics as I need to be.

My next choice is probably more manageable at the moment, since I have actually studied newspapers. I often wonder how a story could be written differently, or how else a page could be designed. My niche could be demonstrating the newspaper elements that do and don’t work.

In order for this to work, I need to find other writers who have similar blogs and I need to immerse myself in that community. This is the most exciting job I’ve ever tasked myself with…


*“News rack” is not slang for some hip, new website. It is a physical rack that holds newspapers. We have them stationed in buildings across campus.


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