Community manager and confectionary briber

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Jess Leitch is an enthusiastic community manager who engages in confectionary enticement to win over her audiences. She also has a really neat blog…

Get to know Jess

As ALIVE Magazine’s community manager, she manages content creation and all social media platforms for ALIVE and St. Louis Fashion Week.

She also runs a blog called City in a Jar, which details beauty around the city. The lifestyle blog was awarded the Riverfront Times award for the best personal blog in the area.

Hopefully our blogs can help expand her “In The Press” page.

Leitch Knowledge

In addition to some early morning goodness from Strange Donuts, Jess provided some great advice for all of us up-and-coming content creators:

1. Blogging takes time. This point cannot be stressed enough. If it could, we wouldn’t have this

class. Jess said it could take two or three years for your blog to get any traction. What’s worse, you sometimes have to do it on top of your actual job.

Gary Vaynerchuk expressed this with a relative amount of volume in that first video we watched: you have to use your free time to blog about what makes you happy. According to Jess, being a community manager means your time is no longer your own. This is probably true for most of the jobs we will have, especially starting out in our respective industries. We have to sacrifice our weekends and stay up into the darkest hours of the night in order to work on our own content.

2. Collaborate. Jess admits that photography is not her thing, and she asks for help where she needs it. Her friends take most of the photos featured on her blog, but not without due credit. Several of the photographers have gotten jobs because their work was noticed on City in a Jar. Collaboration allows both parties to benefit. You should be able to ask for help because in the end, you can get the help you need to improve your blog, and your rescuer can make his/her name and skills better known.

3. St. Louis is small. Jess’s comment about seeing Vincent the other night may not seem all that awe-inspiring, but it does have me looking forward. As it turns out, it is possible to make a name for yourself in this city. Your brand can be known wherever you go. Which is also a sobering reminder that I need to be sure my brand is exactly what I want it to be.

4. Say yes to everything. Even if it’s something you don’t think you really want to do, say yes. This will help you take advantage of so many opportunities you didn’t even know existed. Especially for those of us who really aren’t sure what we want to do. Saying yes will eventually land us in the undreamt dream job.

curators5. Create more than you curate. While curating content through various social media sites can help build a community, it is always better to generate original work. Always, always, always create. That is how to succeed. Yes, curators have important and respectable jobs, but it’s the artists who are remembered.

Every point Jess made during her presentation seems to be taken straight from the class’s course outline. That’s how you know it’s really important: your teacher says it a million times, across a million online platforms, then has (now two) local experts come in to embed it even deeper in our minds.


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2 responses to “Community manager and confectionary briber”

  1. Jessica says :

    Great (read: flattering) post! I’m glad everything that I spoke to yesterday aligns with Jill’s teaching.

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