A smooth and enjoyable launch

This is my selection for the Top 10 Greatest Moments of PBandJterm 2014.

Photo Credit: Andy at Switch

Photo Credit: Andy at Switch

10. Jill said to get out pen and paper: This moment established a profile of each person in the class. The number of students who couldn’t produce a piece of paper and a writing utensil was… humorously fitting for this course.

9. Marisa Lather’s advice for networking: This moment may have gone unnoticed by most everyone else, but it really opened my eyes. Prior to her comment about LinkedIn, I was only comfortable connecting with people who I have actually worked with. I never would have thought that adding other people in my industry, regardless of our relationship, could send more opportunities my way. They could post information that I would like to know, especially about job openings in our field.

8. Scott Stratten’s advice to build a platform: Scott’s message about having an excellent piece of writing go unread because the platform isn’t there really hit home. In order for my content to be seen and have an impact, I need to build my platform. Our guest speakers said it takes several years for a blog to get traction. Scott said he spent several years building an audience on Twitter before he even launched his blog.

7. Our class map: I have lived in Missouri my entire life. I have been to a few very similar Midwestern states, plus the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. To see the map of places all of my classmates have been really put things in perspective for me. There is such a huge world out there that I have never seen and that I can’t even begin to understand. Some day, when I am able, I will travel outside of the continental United States. In the mean time, I will have to live vicariously through everyone’s travel blogs.

6. Sarah Evans promised us pizza if we got #PBandJterm trending: After our presentations, two of the brands to know jumped in our conversation on Twitter. Sarah Evans and Scott Stratten started chatting back and forth with students, all with the tag #PBandJterm. To have people with such prominence in their niches take time to talk to some students was really awesome. Their interaction with their audiences is definitely part of the reason they are brands to follow.

5. Jess Leitch said to create more than you curate: Jess was able to sum up an entire week’s discussion with one concept. It is important to curate, but it is more important to create. Original content is always the way to go. As soon as she said that, I saw Glendon nod with supreme approval… This lesson was well taught by each of our guest speakers, and by our fearless leader, Jill.

4. Work ethic can sometimes outweigh actual skills: Jenn Cloud made this little remark, reminding me that all my effort will actually pay off. That’s a great feeling.

3. When Scott Stratten begrudgingly agreed to use Google Hangout and everyone jumped on the conversation, causing him to threaten to come down and beat us: No lessons learned in this particular portion of the video chat, other than Scott Stratten is a delightful human person. It’s moments like this that made this course such an enjoyable experience.

2. Jenn Cloud saying two steps forward, one step back is still a cumulative one step further than you were before: That statement is going to stick with me for as long as I have functioning brain cells. Success is so subjective, and this is the outlook I need to have.


Photo credit: JaeYong Kim

1. Things we are thankful for: I loved taking a pause to think on positivity. I particularly want to revisit my third claim to gratitude, “I love the diverse group of classmates from whom I can learn. And who can make me laugh to no end.” I have learned so much from each of my classmates. Because everyone had different backgrounds, interests and skills, I was always intrigued. Thanks for making my social media launch as smooth and enjoyable as possible!


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